Mad Love: The Harley Quinncast #12: Episode 1x12 - "Devil's Snare"

July 24th, 2020 · 1 hr 22 mins

About this Episode

Welcome to the latest episode of MAD LOVE: THE HARLEY QUINNCAST, a podcast dedicated to breaking down every episode of the new Harley Quinn animated series. Each week, the wonderful crew at DC Comics News (including Steve J Ray, Seth Singleton, Kelly Gaines, Kendra Hale, & Brad Filicky) will sit down and dive into an episode of one of the craziest fuckin' animated series of all time!

In this episode, the crew talks about the 12th episode of season one of Harley Quinn, entitled "Devil's Snare". So sit back, grab your mallet, and prepare yourself for a journey into the insane!

Episode Synopsis: Harley and her gang have to face down a group of mutant and maniacal trees whilst the Scarecrow uses his Poison Ivy pheromone fear serum to drive the citizens of Gotham towards the monstrous plantlife.

Steve J Ray:
Seth Singleton:
Kelly Gaines:
Brad Filicky:
Kendra Hale:

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